Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil"/>

Name: Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil .

Available Pot Sizes

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250ml - Dorica Bottle 250ml £4.50 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=4.50&size=250ml">Add
500ml - Dorica Bottle 500ml £7.00 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=7.00&size=500ml">Add
750ml - Dorica Bottle 750ml £9.25 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=9.25&size=750ml">Add
250ml - Round Tin 250ml £5.00 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=5.00&size=250ml">Add
500ml - Round Tin 500ml £8.00 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=8.00&size=500ml">Add
1Lt - Round Tin 1Lt £15.00 Sitia P.D.O. Olive Oil&cat_id=5&price=15.00&size=1Lt">Add

In the famous region of Crete, Sitia, known for the quality of olive oil produced the extra virgin olive SITIA under excellent soil conditions. The procedure of extracting the oil is carried out the same day, in very low temperatures, under health control supervisors and the support of modern machinery, resulting to a product with unique organoleptic characteristics. The combination of the soil and climatic characteristics of thιs region and the “Koroneiki” variety, as well as the strict control supervision during all stages of processing and bottling, according to the REG. EEC 2081/92, make this extra virgin olive oil “SITIA” excellent product and classifies it to the top of the healthy diet pyramid. The products are available to the consumers in numbered bottles and limited quantity. This product can accompany salads and your favourite dishes. Moreover, in collaboration with a carefully selected network of certified producers, our company has focused on producing an innovative product, Sitia 0.2. It is a product of high added value with intense fruity flavor, unique organoleptic characteristics and very low acidity up to 0.2% with the award-winning Sitia olive oil.

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