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The biological olive oil is a unique olive oil produced in south Crete. It has a bright green colour, and a very pronounced savour and aroma. The picking and the squeezing of the olives exclude any chemical product of synthesis; whether in the fertilization of the land or in the fight against parasites. Producing in this way is a better use of the nutritional elements of the plant. This method has as a result the natural, juicy fruit and the excellent quality of the Cretan olive oil. Critida’s biological olive oil products are from the producers of the Bio-Agricultural group of Southern Cretan Sea, with International awards for its quality, the ecological method of production and gastronomy. Our products of biological extra virgin olive oil come from the first pressing of the olives containing no more than 0.5% acidity and are famous for the superior taste. They are natural products, full-flavoured, with a pleasant aroma and unrivalled nutritional properties.

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