Cretan Pot History

12,000 years in the making

The art of ceramics in Crete goes back 12,000 years and the ancient tradition and the skills that go with it have been passed from generation to generation.

Our chosen suppliers use all the traditional techniques

Respecting Ancient Arts & Crafts

Ceramics have been used for the maintenance of foods, oil and wine as well as for the decoration of Minoan Palaces.

Even the clay the pots are made from is specially selected to ensure the finest end product, with the clay being worked on site in massive mixing bowls, and then stored in a cool environment until required.

Slowly the pots are made, with the larger ones taking several days to complete. The potter carefully adding height to the walls of each pot, then letting it dry, so allowing the finished height (up to a metre and beyond!) to be attained without the pot collapsing under its own weight.

After completion of the pot, it is allowed to dry out, and then fired in a traditional kiln at very high temperatures for at least 14 hrs. After the initial firing time, it is slowly cooled for a further 14 hrs. To complete the process, the pot is stood outside and left for at lease 24 hrs filled to the brim with water.

It is these time honoured stages that give each and every pot its long life and resistance to extremes of heat and cold.

History of Cretan Terracotta Pots

History of Cretan Terracotta Pots

History of Cretan Terracotta Pots

History of Cretan Pots

Cretan Pot History

Cretan Pot History

Water Proof Spraying

Today, traditional methods passed down from generation to generation are still maintained and used in the making of all our Cretan pot range.

New Innovation!!

Whilst we are proud of the traditions of our pot makers, we also embrace new thinking that further protects our products.

In order to prevent water from penetrating and possibly damaging the pots in winter, every pot is sprayed with a silicon solution which repels water droplets. This solution is safe and inert and dries completely clear, so does not colour the pots in any way. This new innovation still allows air movement through the pots, allowing them to ‘breathe’ and so making our pots one of the best growing environments for your cherished plants.

Our Clay Quality…

Whilst all Cretan pots are made in a similar way from local clay, with the same mineral content etc, we like to think ours is some of the best clay available. The clay can be bought ‘ready-made’ so speeding up the whole pot making process.

Our potters however, prefer to make their own material. Taking the raw clay dug from the ground, processing it through various machinery and sieves, to produce an end product as soft as talcum powder which is devoid of stones or grit; this ensures when mixed with water and thrown that only high quality pots are produced time after time.

Clay Dig

Clay Prep